About Us

Our speciality is the design of injection moulded plastic parts, the manufacture of injection mould tools and finally the injection moulding process itself.

To keep total control over any project, all tool design is done in house. By working closely with our customers and polymer representatives, we are able to offer advice on plastic part design to ensure they are mouldable, fit for purpose and cost effective.
Advice can also be given on tooling design including component feed positions, split lines, ejection positions etc.

Frequently, we undertake the modification and rectification of existing foreign made moulds whether it be a minor change or a significant re-design and re-manufacture.

We also offer a tool repair service. Anything from new or oversize ejector pins to the specialist welding up of damaged area’s and subsequent re-cutting of the form to major repairs.

Tooling can be handled up to a maximum gross weight of 1 tonne and we can if required, offer a tool try-out service.

Drawings can be accepted either as pencil sketches, or fully detailed computer created files in DXF, DWG, IGES etc, or files saved in Solidworks, Delcam, Cadkey, Step or ProEngineer.

We also manufacture press tools to produce tin trays, tin boxes, speaker grills etc, jig’s and fixtures, graphite & stainless steel metal powder sintering moulds, machines parts, and also specialised modification of American connector shells for the aerospace industry.